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Linda Santos Bio, via OID
Here are options for new voting divisions in the Oakdale Irrigation District. Option 1 would force Gary Osmundson to leave the board when he moves to his new home. Option 2 configures the divisions so Osmundson could keep his seat. via Modesto Bee
Left, to right, Steve Knell - OID General Manager, Linda Santos - OID Board Member, via Modesto Bee
Roger Beauchesne - Stanislaus Superior Court Judge, Modesto Bee
Via OID Watchdogs
In this 2013 photo, Westlands Water District's Tom Birmingham speaks with Ron Milligan (right), operations manager for the Central Valley Project. - Fresno Bee

New Current Water and Land Attempts to Skirt Ca. Code 1090,

- Lois Henry of the Bakersfield Californian Reports
Bill O’Brien and Steve Knell, Modesto Bee
The Westlands Water District's western edge borders the parched Diablo Range in California's Central Valley, The New York Times
OID Attorney Tim O'Laughlin, Valley Citizen
Oakdale Irrigation District: Division-1 Director Frank B. Clark

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